Legendary Leads Twilio Registration


1. Create a Primary Business Profile in your Parent Account in the Console's Trust Hub and submit for review.

In your Twilio Console, navigate to Trust Hub --> Customer Profiles to create your profile.
You will only need to do this one time. It may take 3-4 days to process!

Trust Hub - Customer Profiles
Business Profile

2. Add Your Phone Number(s) to your Primary Business Profile.

This is required before you can add a phone number to your SHAKEN/STIR Trust Product.

You'll need your Business Profile's SID, To find your Business Profile SID in the Twilio Console, navigate to Trust Hub -> Customer Profiles --> View Profile Details. Business Profile SIDs begin with "BU".

You'll also need your Phone Number SID(s). To find your Phone Number SIDs in the Console, go to your Dashboard. In the Project Info section, click on See all phone numbers, then click on a phone number to find the SID.

Phone Number SID


3. Create a SHAKEN/STIR Trust Product.

SHAKEN/STIR is a cost-free way to increase the answers when you call your customers. All outbound calls from eligible United States numbers assigned to your Twilio Approved Business Profile will have SHAKEN/STIR A-level attestation. Recipients will see “Caller Verified” on incoming calls on selected smartphones.

4. Connect your SHAKEN/STIR Trust Product to your Business Profile.

You'll need your Trust Product's SID. You'll need your Business Profile's SID. This is the SID that starts with "BU" you used earlier. You can find them in the Console under Trust Hub.

5. Assign phone number(s) to your SHAKEN/STIR Trust Product.

You'll need the Phone Number SID(s) you assigned to your Business Profile earlier. (Note: Only those phone numbers already assigned to your Primary Business Profile are eligible)
You'll need your Trust Product SID used earlier.

You can complete this step before or after submitting your SHAKEN/STIR Trust Product for review.

6. Submit your SHAKEN/STIR Trust Product for review.

Once it reaches Twilio-Approved status, you will be able to sign outbound calls with “A” level attestation.

Congrats! You've successfully created your business profile and setup your outbound calls for SHAKEN/STIR. You've now got the best deliverability rates you can hope for when making outbound calls and will show as 'Caller Verified' on approved carrier phones.

Using Legendary leads with twilio

Legendary Leads Software is best for agency owners, realtors, coaches, consultants, loan officers, service business owners (accountants, contractors, dentists, insurance brokers) or anyone who needs to get more clients consistently for growing their business using automated follow-up.