Adding Your Custom Domain In Legendary Leads

Add / Change Custom Domain

If you have previously setup a custom domain and want to switch to a different one or you'd like to add a Custom domain, follow these steps in order to remove the custom domain from your Legendary Leads account.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure your domains DNS has been setup by following our guideĀ here.

Step 1: Login to your Legendary Leads dashboard, navigate to Settings > Domains

Step 2: Click the Add New Domain button.

Add New Domain Button

Step 3: Enter your root domain name ( in the Add your own domain field and click Add.

Add Domain in Legendary Leads

NOTR: If successful your domain will now show up in your domains list and can be selected to use for your website and sales funnels. If you receive an error, there is an issue with your Cloudflare DNS settings. These must be set correctly before adding your domain in Legendary Leads.