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Join The Team

Join our Legendary team.
The Legendary Leads Team is always looking for growth oriented, high performance people ready to deliver amazing results for our clients.


1. Client Focused

We believe in helping people, first and foremost. When we help our clients achieve their goals, the effects are compounded. We are helping clients, their families and our communities thrive! Compassion and care for our clients and a desire to be the A-team in their corner is what motivates us to go the extra mile.

2. Collaborators

We know we can get more done when we work together as a team. Although we work remotely, our clients and fellow team members know we are just an email or Zoom call away from a problem being solved if needed.

3. System Builders

We are here to help free up time for entrepreneurs. The magic of what we do is we can help free up time for others at scale! Nothing is more valuable than giving someone back their time. We look for repeatability in our operations and document it. When we improve the process for one client, we can improve it for all of our clients!


We believe that by taking care of our team, our team will take care of our clients! Join a 100% remote team from all over the world.

Work From Anywhere

Being 100% remote has it perks! As long as you have a stable internet connection, you're set.

Flexible Working Hours

Aside from some specifics, you can work when you want to. We focus on results, not what time of day you achieve them.

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